Tourist tax in Bergamo, who have to pay

It is a tax introduced by law in 2011 which is applied to all kind of accommodations, hotel, camping, B&B, agriturismo, residence and hostel. The cost of tourist tax is vary and depending on the accommodation’s star rating: a fixed contribution whose cost is different from city to city.
By the law, each municipality can decide to foresee this tax and, subsequently, can establish the amount. A regular deliberation from municipality is necessary and all the revenue obtained by this tax will then be used to improve the tourism proposal: therefore for the maintenance of specific areas of the city, for the recovery of cultural and environmental assets and for making local public services more efficient.

Bergamo touristic tax

Tourist tax in Bergamo was established by resolution of the City Council on 12 December 2011 and was then re-formulated on June 2018. From this date on, tax was recalculated at 5% on the cost of the overnight stay with a maximum limit of € 4 per person per night.
Only for Youth Hostels there is a different amount, equal to 0.50 euro per night, while all tourists under the age of 18 are exempt from payment. Tourist tax in Bergamo is paid for each single night, therefore for a single person per night, on all facilities located in Bergamo municipality that have decided to adopt this tax. All up to a maximum of 10 consecutive nights.

How to calculate the tourist tax in Bergamo

Tourist tax in Bergamo is quantified at a rate of 5% on the cost of accommodation including breakfast and net of VAT. All for maximum 4 euros per person per night and applied up to a maximum of 10 consecutive nights. There are some categories who are exempt from paying the tourist tax in Bergamo:

  • travelers under 18 years;
  • people suffering from diseases and who are traveling to carry out therapies in another municipal area;
  • care assistants;
  • Local Police forces and the National Fire Corps that stay overnight for service requirements;
  • persons with disabilities recognized by certification;
  • recognized professional tourist guides;
  • groups carers to the extent of one in every twenty-five subjects paying the tourist tax.

For all these categories, tourist tax in Bergamo is not due. According to the legislation, starting from 1 June 2018 for all Bergamo bookings made through Airbnb tax will be directly paid at the reservation, so it won’t be requested at arrival or departure.