Best things to eat in Bergamo

Bergamo is a good destination for its food, so ideal for those traveling in search of places to eat typical dishes. What is proposed in these parts is a genuine, simple cuisine, inspired by the peasant culture but at the same time extremely tasty and varied.
Set in the mountains and between the valleys, the Bergamo can offer a lot of specialties that are also nationally spread. Above all, polenta: a simple but extremely nutritious dish that can be enriched with typical cheeses to further enhance the taste.
In particular, Polenta Taragna is most known in Bergamo area: a smart dish in which corn and buckwheat flour are combined to give a different taste. This differentiates the Polenta Taragna from the traditional one, known as ‘blonde’ polenta due to the color derived from corn. The name ‘Taragna’ is due to the instrument used to mix polenta.

Traditional Bergamo dishes

But there is not only polenta among traditional Bergamo dishes. If you are travelling here, you must enjoy Casoncelli: a typical fresh pasta that is possible to taste in quite all Bergamo restaurant as a traditional dish. Casoncelli are similar to ravioli, with meat filling, semolina, eggs, breadcrumbs, parmesan, sausages, roast beef, macaroons.
Beneath must try dishes there are cheeses and cured meats on wooden cutting boards or large dishes to share with other guests. In Bergamo area there are nine different cheeses named as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) as well as many autochthonous sausages that are directly produced in the area. A great tasty combination to try in Bergamo.
Traditional Bergamo dishes also includes so many tasty dessert: the typical one is Polenta and Osei. A particular way to handle polenta in a sweet way, covered with almond paste, chocolate and marzipan.
Other dessert to try is Donizetti cake, a tasty based on sugar, eggs, pineapple, candied apricots with maraschino and vanilla which owes its name to the famous musician and composer born in Bergamo.

Where to eat in Bergamo

Typical Bergamo food is very close to this place, territory with rural vocation. Where is it possible to taste Bergamo typical dishes? The area is full of different places where enjoy a great food experience. 
Alternating restaurants and local tavern, as well as bars and clubs for a snack or a traditional aperitif with craft beer, very appreciated in Bergamo (you can try a lot of craft beers in a place such as Elav Circus) you will meet typical Bergamo taste and dishes.