How to reach Bergamo Alta

City of Bergamo is divided in two areas: Bergamo Bassa and Bergamo Alta. As the locals know, appellation of Bergamo Alta refers to oldest part of the city which is also the most suggestive area as well as the most attractive for tourists.
Otherwise Bergamo Bassa is the other side of Bergamo city, the one that is placed outside the ancient walls that surround the historical part. Bergamo Alta is a delightful medieval village that stands on top of a hill and can only be reached through one of the four gates that open along the city walls.
These walls, which are Venetian and successive from the historical village that has medieval origins, are 6 kms length. Inside the walls, the most suggestive part of the city, the one that the people of Bergamo call the Città Alta.

How to get to Bergamo Alta

Ancient walls access is managed by four doors from which it is possible to reach Bergamo Alta. But how can you reach this suggestive area of ​​Bergamo? The ways to get to Bergamo Alta are different, some more comfortable others with some criticality. Let’s see them in detail.
The most well-known and used means of transport is the funicular, born at the end of the 800s and became electric in the following century, still today the most useful way to easy reach Bergamo Alta starting from Bergamo Bassa. The journey takes about a couple of minutes and there are two wagons available, capable of carrying up to 50 passengers.
Bergamo Alta can also be reached by public buses: always starting from the train station there is a line that leads to Bergamo Alta in eight stops. It is possible to get there by car, but it is not so comfortable because Bergamo Alta is a limited traffic zone, where only residents can access. The car parks present are rather expensive.

What to see in Bergamo Alta

Public transport, starting from the funicular, remains the most practical and simple way to reach Bergamo Alta. Once there you will then have the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque landscape with the medieval village and the city walls.
Bergamo is a highly suggestive place, full of charm and history: from here it is possible to enjoy the view over the whole city. The most beautiful places in Bergamo Alta, those to visit absolutely, are the Duomo; the Piazza Vecchia; the Palazzo Nuovo; the Civic Tower; the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore; the Region building with sundial; the tomb of Donizetti.
All the Bergamo Alta alleys are then a suggestive place to visit and get lost in, enchanted by the evocative atmosphere and perhaps accompanying the visit to the tasting of some culinary delicacies typical of these areas.